Tips To Sell Your Thoroughbred

Owning a thoroughbred today is one of the most prestigious things in the world. In such a world, you might wonder why people would ever think of selling one. Well, even though it is a prestige, owning a thoroughbred is not that easy on the wallet. In fact, it is quite a stress on your wallet if you do not have a steady income. Another reason why some people wish to sell off their thoroughbred is for the simple reason that they take too much of your effort and time. A thoroughbred is not simply like any horse that you come across. You would need to spend a lot of time taking care of them. Their medication needs to be seen to on time and they need to be groomed and exercised on time. Regardless of your reason to part with your thoroughbred, here are some tips when you are selling it. 

Advertise your horse

The first thing that you need to do is to advertise your thoroughbred. You simply cannot expect people to come inquiring after your thoroughbred. So go ahead and advertise in horse racing information or any other relevant thoroughbred websites. Prepare an advertisement and make sure that you put in pictures of your thoroughbred too. If you have the capacity, why not take a video of your thoroughbred in action and put it up along with your advertisement too? most people would like to see the horses they are going to buy before they make any payments and what better way is there to show them what your thoroughbred is capable of than through a video? So go ahead and shoot a good video of your thoroughbred in action.

Put the right categories

When selling your thoroughbred, it is very important that you tick the right boxes everywhere. As people who own thoroughbreds are pretty serious about the horses they own, you need to use the right technical terms when advertising. If you are not familiar with these, make sure that you know these terms before you go and advertise to those who are looking to increase their racehorse shares.

Invite people over

As mentioned above, most people want to check what they are buying before they actually purchase it. Because of this reason it is always best to invite people over to have a look at your thoroughbred before purchasing. This will give them time to actually see if the horse is the right horse for them. Make sure that you keep all the required information on hand, such as breeding charts, vet’s records and so on. This will allow the buyer to make a well informed decision and you would have the satisfaction of knowing that your horse is going to the best possible owner.